Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brun Danskerne ... Tan Danes

Hvor at være BRUN i landet med 487 dage regn hver år ...
How to be TAN in the country with 487 days of rain every year

Jeg har anden lektion for mine venner og familie i Amerika (så vi kan lære om liv i Danmark sammen!), men først, jeg må tilstå--der er ikke 487 dage med regn hver år i Danmark, men der er MANGE! En ting jeg bemærkede snart efter jeg flyttede til Danmark er hvor BRUN enhver er! Jeg undrede mig hvor de får brun i et land med kun fire eller fem uge sommer, men nu jeg kender! Møde Consol Solcenter!

I have another "teachable moment" for my friends and family in America (so we can learn about life in Denmark together!), but first, I must confess--there are not 487 days with rain every year in Denmark, but there are ALOT! One thing I noticed soon after I moved to Denmark is how TAN everyone is! I wondered how they get tan in a country with only four or five weeks of sommer, but now I know! Meet Consol Tanning Center!

Den først tid tog Mads mig til Consol, jeg hurtigt bemærkede der var ikke mennesker arbejder her! Så hvor kan du sole dig?! Jeg er glad du spurgde! Danmark har ikke 24 Timer Helbreds Reglement ligesom vi har i Amerika, so mennesker kan sole sig så ofte de vil! Her er hvor det arbejder:
The first time Mads took me to Consol, I quickly noticed there were no people working here! So how can you tan? I am glad you asked! Denmark does not have the 24 Hour Health Regulation like we have in America, so people can take as often as they want! Here is how it works:

Først, fortælle en Dansk mand på computeren dig hvor at sole dig!
First, a Danish man on the computer tells you how to tan!

Næste, går du i dit værelse og har 3 minutter at får klar!
Next, you go into your room and have 3 minutes to get ready!
Den Sol Center er åben 7 dage hver uge fra kl. 7 til 21. Men hvad om sol lotion?? Du egentlig købe det fra en automat i den Solcenter! Sole mig er meget nem i Danmark!!! The Tanning Center is open 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. But what about tanning lotion?? You actually buy it from a vending machine in the Tanning Center! Tanning is very easy in Denmark!!!


HOLMES said...

So, is it free, then?

the writer said...

I don't want to scare you but there have been so many rape / rape attempt in these kind of solarium here in Copenhagen. It's simply because anybody can get in and there's nobody who is working there

nettielouise said...

Today I was at a stop light and I saw this suburban with this bumper sticker on it that read; "GUN CONTROL--knowing how to aim"

I thought of you...not because you use guns, but because I thought, hmm...this would be one of those, "Only in Texas" moments.

What a dumb ass...(the driver, not you)

stacyo said...

And is skin cancer on the rise in your new homeland? : )

stacyo said...

I'm printing ID's for school and enjoying your daily blogs!! keep them up, it's so interesting! I would ship you ice but it would melt immediately in his 107 degree heat!!!

Rachel said...

Wow! That's neat. I must admit as I was reading your post, I really thought you would tell us the reason for everyone being so tan was bc they vacationed to warmer areas. lol I think you posted the Danes' best kept secret.... I had no idea.

I hope you enjoy your time in the sun no matter where it is. Glad you're having fun exploring Denmark... and thanks for sharing all your new discoveries about Denmark. :-)

Mads and Kelli said...

nope, not free.... 25DKK per ten minute about 5 bucks each time. You cannot buy the plans like you do in the states. This is DEF not a year round habit at that rate...just enough to keep your tan going.

And Stacy, I KNEW I would get a skin cancer comment from either you or mom! :o) you 2 are always looking out for us!

NotQuiteDanish said...

And can you believe how many there are? In CPH there seems to be hundreds. I find it odd because in Australia they're all but banned...

Bluefish said...

Damn! I need one of these in Zealand. It's pretty neat. I'd rather tan naturally though.

Mom said...

Go Stacy! I thought my daughter had gotten smarter with age...and given up on tanning booths...but now I am beginning to wonder. You already have beautiful skin - don't need any help from tanning bed.